Inherit the Wind

Here is the Mock Trial Schedule


Student Outcomes By the end of the play, students will have a solid understanding of:

1.)   Who is on trial in the play, and what he is essentially being tried for (ie. What is at stake).

2.)  The turning point in the trial.  And WHY it is the turning point.

3.)   How Drummond’s story about Golden Dancer relates to the trial.

4.)   The similarities and differences between Drummond and Brady in regards to their thoughts on religion and truth.

5.) The significance of the title, “Inherit the Wind”.

6.)   The importance of the trial for each central character in the book.

7.)   The techniques that the authors used to portray history.



Answer each of these questions to get background information about Inherit the Wind.  You must write out your answers in your own words and in full sentences.  In other words, you may not cut and paste.  This is an individual assignment, so do not be tempted to trade answers with classmates. Good luck!

The Scopes Trial – The trial in Inherit the Wind is very loosely based on the famous Scopes Trial.

1.  What is the nickname of this trial?

2.  In what year did the trial take place?

3.  What was the Butler Act?

4.  Who was John T. Scopes?

5.  As the trial began, what did the defense choose as their major argument?

6.  Bryan agreed to be questioned by Darrow.  On what subject did Darrow question his adversary?

William Jennings Bryan – The fictional character Matthew Harrison Brady is loosely based on this famous attorney.

1..  What are some of Bryan’s accomplishments?

2.  Why did Bryan oppose the theory of evolution?

3.  When (specifically) did Bryan die?

Clarence Seward Darrow – The fictional character Henry Drummond is loosely based on this famous attorney.

1.  What kinds of people did Darrow tend to defend?

2.  What controversy nearly ruined Darrow’s career?

3.  Why did Darrow decide to take the Scopes Trial?


An interesting article on a modern teacher of evolution

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